Simplify Your Billing.
Get Paid Faster.
Our mission is to reduce the
cost of providers’ billing while
increasing revenue.

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We improve providers’ billing by:

    • Increasing cash flow
    • Increasing efficiencies
    • Providing suggestions and insight into different coding options
    • Creating consistent cash flow
    • Providing transparency
    • Being available and open for questions and concerns

How we simplify your billing process


We reduce communication between provider office and us by setting up systems that create efficient data capture.

The Billing Department will provide provider and provider staff with the training they need to do their job in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


We also perform internal audits and scrub claims before they are billed to reduce denials so you get paid faster.

Why We Are the Best

  • We guarantee payment on all claims for covered services (minus any co-insurance or deductible due from the patient).
  • We treat your patients with kindness and respect while providing solutions to increase patient collections.
  • We are building a community of support! Ever wonder how other providers are billing and how you compare? We’ll share all of our knowledge gained over years of working with providers just like you!
  • THE BILLING DEPARTMENT strives to do business the way we live, by using no more than we need, respecting those around us and treading lightly with a small footprint. Read more about our Green Commitment here.

“The Billing Department has been a great resource for us. They have provided us with insight into better billing practices, guided us toward more streamlined and effective procedures and enhanced this aspect of our business. The Billing Department has directly improved our bottom line while decreasing the stress previously affiliated with billing.” Shannon Maricielo, MS, Practice Administrator, Element 7 Wellness Bainbridge Island, Washington

“The Billing Department has been doing my billing for over 14 years. They have always provided an excellent and reliable service. They have simplified my billing. They are also extremely experienced and wonderful people to work with. Linda D. Horn, APRN • Lewiston, Maine